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2GG is a complete communication solution for distribution networks, utilities and energy management. We make multi-utility and multi-technology smart metering data compatible with different software solutions and platforms. 


2GG Managed Services

We offer an emerging method for evolving distributed software platform and novel services, in an approach to

develop a single application as a suite of small services to increase flexibility, maintainability and scalability.


  Software as a Service 


Scalable and modifiable software components for data storage, asset and device management, as well as cyber security functionalities.

 Smart Metering as a Service


Managed services can help mitigate the significant upfront capital investment to a recurring operational expense to boost utility efficiency.

     Digital City as a Service 


Both ICT Technology and IoT Technology are fundamental to enhance energy management and foster innovative services.

Luka Komazec, CEO of Resalta d.o.o.

Making the consumption of our energy or water resources more efficient requires connected devices to gather more data about distribution and usage. 2GG is a step in that direction and offers us Dropbox like effective and tailored solution for our metering needs.

2GG Products


 2GG KON02 

concentrator built for

industrial users.


designed for wireless collection of data from water, heat, cold and gas meters.

RF Communication Modules

Transceiver modules for different meter types. For collecting data from impulse, analogue

or digital outputs.

  • 2GG ME GEN

  • 2GG ME01 Gas

  • 2GG ME CF Module

NB-IOT Solutions

​Multipurpose NB-IOT communication modules for water, heat, gas and electricity metering.

  • 2GG PCON Point-to-point



Are you working on

a metering project?

Are you searching for simple and efficient metering solutions? Test the 2GG system and its components with our specialized demo kits.


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