The 2GG data storage and processing solutions are tailored to specific needs of each individual client, and can be configured in 3 operating modes:  

1. The first and most straightforward mode is the full 2GG Cloud. In this mode all metering data and device configurations are transferred and stored in the 2GG Cloud (hosted by DS Meritve d.o.o.).

Access to data is enabled in a multitude of ways, through the 2GG Web portal (https://2gg.si/CLIENTNAME/) to authorised users defined by the client or directly via the 2GG API.

Additionally, automated custom exports of data to 3rd party software or storage's can be configured (f.e. directly to SAP or Billing software). This is the most streamlined solution for smaller/independent metering projects, ensuring simple and secure access to all collected data as well as fast implementation. 

2. The second mode is a combination of 2GG Web Services and local storage of data, therefore all metering data collected by 2GG devices is uploaded and stored on a local server (hosted by client), whilst device management is done via the 2GG Cloud server (configurations, operating data, encryption keys, profiles etc.).

Specific data storage and processing are tailored to specific needs- taking into account existing systems and solutions in use by client. In this configuration no metering data is processed or stored by DS Meritve, only diagnostic and device maintenance data is collected to ensure correct operation of all connected devices.

3. The third option is a complete standalone installation of 2GG Server and Cloud applications on a local server hosted by the client.

In this configuration all operations are monitored and maintained by the client. This configuration is most suitable for large distribution networks and clients with appropriate resources (IT specialists and server centres). In this mode DS Meritve d.o.o. provides training and certification for authorised administrators of 2GG solutions, responsible for maintenance, configuration and operation of the system.

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