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Smart Metering as a Service


​2GG SMaaS - Smart Metering as Service is a service-oriented solution that provides customers with in-depth data on their consumption of Electricity, Water, Heat, Cooling or Gas.

The business model is service based. That way, users can purchase services according to their needs and preferences. Each service provides users with a particular feature of the AMI system, fully customisable to their specific project. With 2GG SMaaS you control the scope and costs of automated metering services.

2GG SMaaS is an all-in-one smart metering solution with a wide array of functionalities, all depending on the needs and demands of energy and water distribution companies, utility providers, industrial or commercial users. All metering data is sent through a secured communication hub (concentrator) to a server (e.g. 2GG Cloud) that host the applications to gather, sort, analyse, and store metering data. The data-sets can only be viewed by authorised users, i.e. asset operators, utility personnel as well as consumers (end-users), via authentication based web or local services. 


The 2GG communication hubs are manufacturer neutral, providing you with the possibility to combine the best available metering solutions for your particular use case. The powerful communication solutions from 2GG for remote metering data gathering, storage and transfer are completely scalable based on needs and demands of the customer and can be upgraded remotely, adding new metering points to the grid with an ease.


With the use of 2GG SMaaS, the digitalisation of energy and water monitoring can be implemented without large initial investments and a complete remake of existing networks. It allows companies to develop their networks in a gradual manner, eliminating the risks and issues of implementing completely new systems at large initial costs.


Connectivity with existing databases, accounting software and IT solutions saves initial investment cost and resources. Additionally, the 2GG system can be combined with analytical software for a wide array of functionalities (usage pattern identification, leakage prevention, demand forecasting, supply optimisation, production efficiency management etc.).



2GG SMaaS facilitates:


  • Operational responsibility for the complete AMI system is entrusted to a vendor.

  • Managed services can help mitigate the significant upfront costs of smart metering systems. 

  • Service based offers convert costs from an upfront capital investment to a recurring operational expense, optimizing investments and mitigating risks. 

  • This enables utilities that can not make such an immense initial investment options to digitalize their network and leverage the benefits of a connected network. 

  • Beneficial for both parties, as it provides long-term stable partnerships which can boost innovation and efficiency of the utility.

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