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Software as a Service 



The 2GG Server and Cloud solutions are comprised of 3 parts:  

  1. The First part is the 2GG Process server software for communication with 2GG devices. All settings and metering data are stored in customised PostgreSQL database.

  2. The Second part is the 2GG Back-end for accessing data from the network. This is done with REST queries and JSON string responses. Access here is limited to user profiles and is setup at installation of each specific server instance.

  3. The Third part is the 2GG Cloud which functions as the front-end of the system and is used to provide 2GG users access to all data in a simple and comprehensive way via HTML5. Access to measurements is also available, as well as simple visualisation of data (graphs, counters, alarms) and historical data. Additionally, the 2GG Cloud supports export scripting, which can help at setting up automated data delivery to other software or storage solutions. 

The 2GG Server is a dedicated server for metering data collected from 2GG and other devices connected to the system via concentrators/gateways or point-to-point solutions. 


All inside/outside channels and connections are secured and encrypted: 

  • between metering devices and communication modules all communication is encrypted with AES-128 keys; 

  • from the communication modules or concentrators/gateways to the server all data is encrypted with AES 128 and can be additionally encapsulated in the 2GG custom communication protocol; 

  • access to the data is limited to registered users with valid credentials (username and password), all access to data for users is enabled only via secure HTTPS connections. 


The 2GG data storage and processing solutions are tailored to specific needs of each individual client, and can be configured in 3 operating modes:  

  1. The first and most straightforward mode is the full 2GG Cloud. In this mode all metering data and device configurations are transferred and stored in the 2GG Cloud (hosted at 2GG or in custom Datacenters). Access to data is enabled through the 2GG Web portal (2GG Portal) to authorized users defined by the client or directly via the 2GG API (Backend or Database to Database integration). Additionally, automated custom exports of data to 3rd party software or storages can be configured (directly to Asset management, Analytics or Billing software). This is the most streamlined solution for smaller/independent metering projects, ensuring simple and secure access to all collected data as well as fast implementation. 

  2. The second mode is a combination of 2GG Web Services and local storage of data, therefore all metering data collected by in-field devices is uploaded and stored to the client database on a local server (hosted by client), whilst device configurations, operating data and profiles are sent to the 2GG Cloud server. Specific data storage and processing is tailored to specific needs, taking into account existing systems and solutions in use by the client. In this configuration no metering data is processed or stored by 2GG, only diagnostic and device maintenance data is collected to ensure correct operation of all connected devices. Access to data is via the local database (PUSH or PULL enabled). 

  3. The third option is a complete standalone installation of 2GG Server and Cloud applications on a local server hosted by the client. In this configuration all operations are monitored and maintained by the client. This configuration is most suitable for large distribution networks and clients with appropriate resources (IT specialists and server centers). In this mode 2GG provides training and certification for authorized administrators of 2GG solutions, responsible for maintenance, configuration and operation of the system as well as 2nd line support for maintenance and upgrades of the system.  

2GG SaaS helps secure and integrate: 

  • A complete communication backbone for AMI.

  • Meter data management tools and applications (2GG MDM: standalone/local, cloud-based and integrated with 3rd party solutions).

  • Database and cloud services - of the shelf or fully customized (2GG Backend and Cloud).

  • Integration and advanced exporting tools (2GG Broker).

  • Fully remote Device management and parametrization (2GG GUI).

  • Installation and commissioning tools (2GG SCAN Android).

  • Visualization and access to data (2GG Portal – HMTL).

  • Data management server solutions.

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