2GG RF Communication modules

2GG ME GEN is a wireless RF transceiver module for different meter types. It collects data from impulse, analogue or digital outputs.


The 2GG ME GEN is designed to simplify installation and usage. All device settings and configurations are controlled on the 2GG Cloud or via the 2GG Server software. 

The 2GG ME GEN devices are battery powered, with a lifespan of up to 13 years, depending on settings and type of communication.

  • wM-BUS and 2GG on 868 MHz,

  • Battery life up to 10 years,

  • Simple and easy deployment,

  • Extended range with stronger transmitter (up to 27 dBm),

  • Configurable intervals for data collection and sending,

  • All settings can be changed from the 2GG cloud,

  • Suitable for outdoor usage (IP67).

  • Battery type : 3,6 V Lithium-thionyl chlorid

  • Battery capacity : 4,2 Ah

  • Average current : 40 uA (configuration dependent)

  • Battery lifespan : to 10 years (configuration dependent)

  • Temperature range : -30 °C to 60 °C

  • RF transmission power : Max. 27 dBm (500mW)

  • RF sensitivity : -120 dBm

  • Enclosure protection : IP67

  • Enclosure material : ASA

  • Enclosure dimensions : 75x100x35 mm (WxDxH)

  • Enclosure color : White gray

  • Frequency bands : RF ISM 868 MHz

  • Packet encryption : AES 128

  • Cable : Multi wire (0,5 mm2) with wire end ferrules

  • Cable length : cca. 50 cm

  • Attachment (mounting) : Screws or zip ties


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2GG-ME 01

The 2GG meter ME-01 series is designed for use with mechanical gas meter.


It´s battery powered and communicates wirelessly, therefore it does not require an external power supply and communication links.


Thanks to the advanced 2GG protocol, its battery life is to 10 years.

For communication, it is using the 868 MHz ISM high-frequency band. The device gathers/captures gas usage data as well as temperature.


The measuring intervals can be modified according to client needs. In the case of malfunction or removal of the device, a 2 step alarm feature is built in, which sends out a notification to key personnel automatically.


To ensure data protection and privacy, all data is encrypted with AES-128 in addition to other protective measures.

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