2GG-KON02 concentrator built for industrial users

2GG KON02 is designed for industry use, where real time data is needed and the amount of transferred data is larger. 

Connection to the 2GG system offers full automation and remote setting of metering device parameters.

2GG KON02 supports a variety of wireless and wired communication protocols making it the perfect tool for multi-utility metering.


  • Support for different meters (electricity, heat, water, cold, gas) and communication protocols,

  • Possible internet connections (GPRS, NB-IoT, LTE-M or WiFi),

  • Configurable TX power (up to 27 dBm),

  • 4 non-isolated digital ports (3,3V),

  • 2 isolated digital input ports—alarms (3,3V),

  • Support for wM-BUS and 2GG RF on 868-871 MHz,

  • Support for up to 256 wired M-BUS devices,

  • Support for up to 256 MODBUS (RS-485) devices,

  • Terminal port for serial connection from PC,

  • Configurable intervals for data collection and for data upload,

  • Configurable device white-list,

  • All settings can be changed remotely.


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