The 2GG Server and Cloud solutions are comprised of 3 parts:  


1- The First part is the 2GG Process server software for communication with 2GG devices. All settings and metering data are stored in customised PostgreSQL database.

2- The Second part is the 2GG Back-end for accessing data from the network. This is done with REST queries and JSON string responses. Access here is limited to user profiles and is setup at installation of each specific server instance.


3- The Third part is the 2GG Cloud which functions as the front-end of the system and is used to provide 2GG users access to all data in a simple and comprehensive way via HTML5. Access to measurements is also available, as well as simple visualisation of data (graphs, counters, alarms) and historical data. Additionally, the 2GG Cloud supports export scripting, which can help at setting up automated data delivery to other software or storage solutions. 

The 2GG Server is a dedicated server for metering data collected from 2GG and other devices connected to the system via concentrators/gateways or point-to-point solutions.


All inside/outside channels and connections are secured and encrypted: 
- between metering devices and communication modules all communication is encrypted with AES-128 keys; 
- from the communication modules or concentrators/gateways to the server all data is encrypted with AES 128 and can be additionally encapsulated in the 2GG custom communication protocol; 
- access to the data is limited to registered users with valid credentials (username and password), all access to data for users is enabled only via secure HTTPS connections.  

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